accross business


Why we do what we do.

At accross business we’re excited by the possibilities.

We understand that running a business is a passion, a necessity and a lifestyle. The demands and difficulties faced by business owners, regardless of what they do or where they work, are influenced by their own unique circumstances. The right level of help is all too often out of reach. We want to change that by delivering what’s needed at the right time to make a real difference.

How we build our team.

Every small business is different, and everyone’s level of education, knowledge and experience is also very different. We set out to build a team to reflect that. The one constant is the requirement that each key team member be experienced in running and working in a small business. This brings an enquiring perspective and mindset to the table, as we support our customers to build their business in the way they want.

We are also excited by the prospect that the smart use of technology will help our customers save money and save time. The beauty is, they can then decide how to spend it.

some key people

Kieran May
Kieran May FICB, BAS Agent
Strategy, Management & Solutions

Strategic Business Adviser, Professional Bookkeeper and BAS Agent, Kieran is well qualified.

Clients benefit from the value of his clear strategic thinking, the transfer of knowledge and understanding the options.

Kieran's clients are his focus.

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Kylie McKay
Management, Bookkeeping, Payroll

Kylie brings real world business management experience to the equation.

She is meticulously attentive to detail within the practicality of running a business.

Kylie is focussed on small and medium sized enterprises who want to succeed.

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Kurt Johansen
Kurt Johansen MBA
Strategic Leadership, Change & Training

Kurt is an experienced and versatile management facilitator and trainer.

He is a logical thinker and pragmatist who applies proven theories and concepts to practical business use.

Small and medium sized businesses are the big winners.

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Justin May
Justin May
Graphics, Design & Print

Justin is committed to his clients and offers a great return on their investment.

He is a well rounded graphics and design professional with runs on the board.

He has delivered his clients profitable results for over 20 years.

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Nic Crowther BA
Writing, Communication & Content

Writing in a way to catch the interest of your audience is a skill crafted over time. Like good wine, it keeps getting better.

Succinctly, Nic is all over it.

Every communication piece is created with care and flair or, where a serious tone is required, with the right professional touch.

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Lorena Francazzi
Bookkeeping, Payroll, Service

Lorena understands numbers and systems.

Coming from a finance and service background in the private sector in Italy and Australia she is your ideal choice.

Maturity, experience, knowledge and commitment wins.

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