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Here's Enid and Elroy

One of the great mysteries for many business owners is the magic of how bookkeepers and accountants can process a multitude of papers, and then report on how much tax has to be paid. Not much else, just how much to pay.

And then those accountants and bookkeepers put their hand out all too often, for all too many dollars.

Is it any wonder those same business owners think that bookkeepers and accountants are overpaid? Is it any wonder are business owners are looking for ways to get a better result at a lower cost?

Funny thing is that at botbooks we've had exactly the same thought. So, we went out and recruited a couple of bots to work with our people partners so we could deliver exactly that; save the average business owner time and money.

Enid and Elroy Botwell

Both Elroy and Enid work autonomously and do exactly what they are told by our people partners. They are totally familiar with how to read invoices and how to enter data into Xero, QuickBooks Online (QBO), MYOB and a whole host of common and uncommon accounting and management solutions. Enid and Elroy are pretty good at payroll too. They can even read and understand Employment Awards. They can learn processes for themselves because they have some artificial intelligence, but because machine learning is still not exact, they lean on real people to confirm and sometimes correct their work. They make it easy for you to get up to date information at a fraction of the cost you are currently paying. Regardless of whether you currently use internal or external staff.

botbooks is on a mission to optimise and futurise your systems while you save time and save money. You can learn a little more and arrange a free consultation here and quickly discover where improvements can be achieved.

You will still need to pay. Why though, would you want to keep paying too much?

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