Times are tough. We all know that.

How do we respond? Do we focus on new and better ways to generate income? Or do we focus on reducing our overheads and related costs? To whom do you refer your clients?

A marketing guru will ask you to spend on a campaign that may or may not generate additional income. A cost control freak will insist you stop spending, often at the expense of income producing opportunities. Perhaps a business coach will tell you that you can do it! – but offer no practical solutions.

A good manager, however, will help you to work you through the ways to reduce costs, improve productivity and possibly at the same time that you are increasing sales. A good manager is affordable.

It is about knowing when and where to cut, when and where to spend. It is about spending money to immediately save on costs while simultaneously improving productivity. Its about working with someone who has solutions and the bottom line at the front of mind. It is about taking the appropriate steps before your cash dries up.

Businesses, such as Accross Business, promote themselves as providers of practical solutions, and don’t come with fancy catch phrases and gimmicks. They offer real world experience. And solutions that are carefully selected – because they work.

Sometimes you should just spend a penny!