Despite the rapid uptake of all things internet, research tells us that there is still a very large part of the marketplace that is still in love with the tactile feel of paper and that the tendency for consumers is to print important documents. They understand that electronic copies often get lost in the barrage of electronic information that fills their inbox.

Consumers are seldom wrong.

That therefore leads to the question to be asked of suppliers – is your use of the internet and related electronic delivery, based on what your clients want, or is it your way of cutting costs? As important papers are printed anyway, can environmental concerns be discounted?

Or perhaps you still still use postal mail as you have always done?

The costs associated with traditional mail include things such as pre-printed letterheads and envelopes, the cost of time and labour associated with collecting, collating, folding and stuffing the printed material and the cost stamps and the trip to the post box. It all adds up to a significant (and often hidden) dollar value.

ACCROSS Business knows the value of, and specialises in, helping businesses find savings on direct and indirect costs without detracting from the sales and bottom line results.

Their continued mission to find savings has uncovered a unique cost saving service which allows you to take advantage of physical and tactile mail directly from your desktop. The service is not for every circumstance, but is undoubtedly for every business.

The service, from Bing Technologies, involves nothing more to operate than for you to load an additional free printer driver to your desktop or network. It costs nothing up front if you manage the setup process yourself, and you only pay when you actually use the service.

There is no need to change your systems or processes. Anything you can send to your office printer can be sent using this service. Single letters or large scale mail merge – with or without attachments. Simply select the Easymail printer, complete one or two more simple steps and let the system do the rest.

Rock solid security too.

If your customer prefers to receive their correspondence by email, you can still include them in the same mail merge with postal mail and not have to worry about separating them.

One step, no fuss. Postal Mail at Internet Speed.

Contact Kieran May for more information or a free demonstration.