We often like to think we know our business. We understand how to get business through the door, we understand our gross margins and we like to think our clients appreciate what we do for them.

The need for revenue growth is seen as natural – if you are not growing, you are going backwards.

What is often overlooked or sidelined is a thoughtful review of costs. You know, the┬ácosts you signed up for three years ago. The ones you are still paying the old price for. And the costs for the inefficient communications channels you use. Those you took on over the last few years that have staggered renewal dates. The costs that can be rationalised by bringing them under one contract. And that’s not all.

Accross Business approaches cost control from a number of perspectives. What it is not about is cutting productive staff. It is not about reducing spending that is important to the generation of income. Neither is it about slashing and burning, and demoralising your team. It is about identifying where you can work smarter and how you can make productive staff even more productive. It is about a sustained and considered review. It is about you and your bottom line.

Can you afford not to ask?