And all too often there is.

From time to time, we hear the cliché and we sit back and ask ourselves “why can’t they see that?”. Perhaps they can. Perhaps they can’t see for looking. Perhaps they don’t want to know.

Whatever the reason, we can predict that sooner or later, the elephant will move and do some damage. If the elephant is not quickly removed from the room, pretty soon it will rampage and likely wreck everything inside the room. Once it starts to move, it quickly becomes too late.

Those who didn’t see the elephant will look back and wonder why the room was built on a disused railway track and consider that there was an element of bad luck that the train was on the wrong line. Trainwrecks often happen don’t they? And they are rarely able to be foreseen.elephant-in-the-room

In a business sense, there are warning signs. Secrecy and a sudden lack of communication among partners, the loss of key staff at inopportune times, high staff turnover and a negative financial result (debtors, creditors and profit) are among the indicators. Each of these is an elephant in disguise. As the elephant gets bigger, it outgrows the disguise, but as this usually happens slowly, nobody on the inside notices.

OK, so we now know there may be an elephant in there,  what to do about it?

We can hum, we can hah and we can contemplate our navel. Or we can bring in a non related third party who will ask the right questions and help you commit to action. Not just someone who will offer you predictable and prescribed “solutions”, nor someone who will tell you only what they think you want to hear (as opposed to what you really need to hear).

Accross Business will ask the hard questions, and will help you find the right answers for you and your business. There is no promise it will be easy. If you want it to work, they will be alongside you for the long haul.

Taking the elephant from the room is not just a smart move, it is a very sound investment. Make the move.