ideasWhat is BrainSpace?

In today’s world of social media, we engage freely through the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and so on, and we are easily able to make connections. Those connections enable us to work in ways that were impossible only a few years ago.

But what is missing? Did humanity evolve to interact with a computer? Where is the real community? Can we have the benefits of social media in the real world?

The good news is, you can – it is BrainSpace.

Unlike the corporate office which is designed to compartmentalise employees and to keep them focussed on the task at hand, BrainSpace is about community, co-working, innovation and collaboration.

We know there are many good ideas emanating from home based businesses which can go a long way to solving the issues of our time. Just as with a stifling corporate environment, many of those ideas stay there, simply because there is a distinct lack of opportunity to bring them to fruition, either through a lack of support or an absence of structures that are essential to allow them to evolve.

BrainSpace has been established to address this need.

Our aim is to establish a cooperative workplace and spaces to facilitate a collaborative community that combines a welcoming environment with the comforts of home.

BrainSpace will provide you, the BrainSpace community, with the tools and infrastructure that you need to grow and develop your own ideas and enterprise. And it will provide more than just that.  Above all, it will provide opportunities to engage with a wider range of professionals who are involved in an amazingly diverse range of projects and with whom you can exchange ideas, thoughts and views.

This concept has been spreading rapidly and is quickly becoming “the global movement”. There are many similar spaces, but with your input, BrainSpace will be unique and a part of you.

BrainSpace is your thinking community. BrainSpace is smart people developing smart ideas. BrainSpace is innovation.

Enquire about BrainSpace at Accross Business. Accross Business is a founding member.