We are coming to the end of another year and all that it brings.

Cat Skinner hopes you have finished in a better place than where you started and your efforts have translated into the success you deserve.

Your measure of success will necessarily be different from your neighbour. But, success is success, and how you measure it is up to you.  Generally, though, success is measured by relationships, a better lifestyle, a more rewarding job or a healthy and growing business.

For some, there is regret at missed opportunity, disappointment at plans not realised and a sense of frustration in seeing others steal the march.

Time passes, and as it does, the approach to business in particular must change. Or so history tells us. Successful enterprises rely on continually reviewing their structures, practices and reward systems, and making smart changes where it is apparent the old way is driving backwards.

We should be clear; change is never easy, and when it happens, not everyone will get it. It will cause discomfort. At times, conflict.

Sometimes the need for change isn’t clear to all and sometimes it isn’t handled as everyone would want. Often this is the result of a focus by management on a bigger picture than is obvious to those who are impacted; or a misguided focus on a particular issue by well-meaning supporters.

Growing enterprises embrace change. They understand the need for small changes every day. And where small changes are not enough, they understand the need for rapid escalation. They understand when there is no immediate payback, and they understand when to modify. They accept a common purpose. They challenge internally and are united publicly.  They understand how easy it is to undermine a strategy – if, in fact, a strategy exists.

On the other hand, failing or stagnating enterprises, to their peril, look backwards for the answers. They can no longer see the things that made them successful, and they continue to look for them. They consume resources that may have been accumulated and they continue to bleed. They seek to blame others for their inaction or they seek a circumstance on which they can deflect responsibility which rightly rests with them.

Where then does this sit with optimism and pessimism? Being positive or leaning to negativity? Accepting or being sceptical? To challenge or to acquiesce?

The good news is that there is a place for all of it. And more.

Success though, is dependent on the right dose. Life demands a process of change and continual improvement. Darwin taught us that.

We can be optimistic and still fail. We can acquiesce and succeed. But we cannot move forward without change. We cannot repair a business model without a fresh and appropriate approach.

What then if you haven’t finished the year where you would have preferred to be? What if you deem the year to be less than successful? How do you approach the New Year? Will you do things the same way in 2016? Or will you reach out and seek an outside view? Will you adopt a new strategy and will you be committed to its implementation?

While Cat Skinner always looks for different ways to meet a challenge, he says there is no escaping change.

Will you act now, or will you wait until something radical is required?

Kieran May, – does stuff & skins cats in different ways

Kieran May

Kieran May

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