Oh no! Fingers burnt again

Bad decisions might mean you’ll get you fingers burnt!

Sometimes you just wonder if these bookkeepers know enough to use the title

This article is simply a series of scenarios (all true) which show how even bookkeepers don’t know the answer. Their lack of experience and their inability to answer even basic questions shows.

Workcover question. Sole trader has just moved to Pty Ltd and I’m about to lodge the Workcover estimates. Should he as a director be included? He’s drawing a $100k salary. Thanks for any advice!

BotBooks knows.

According to the ATO website, we have to notify the ATO of our “Closely Held” business in late 2019. Has anyone heard when we will be able to nominate closely held employees?

BotBooks knows this too.

Client had employees work on a public holiday. The Award says penalty rate for working on public holiday is x 2.5 – they’re all good with that. In Xero, I have left the ordinary hours at 38 (to get super right) at normal rate. Overtime is 7.6 x penalty rate. Then I did minus 7.6 x base rate. Does this sound ok? It’s to get super correct (hence not touching the 38 hrs).

Mmmmm. Not what we’d do at BotBooks.

I watch a lot of You tube videos on tech and software as it my go to find out answers through a visual. Dottotech has some great stuff. I watched a video on how to save time with email and have a clear inbox. Get rid of the filing! Search functions are so awesome these days no need for it. Next job is to restructure my email!

With BotBooks, you’d only pay for work time!

I am finally converting my own company from reckon Hosted to Xero and plan a conversion date of 1 Dec 2019. Can anyone help with the STP conversion? From what I have read I believe I need to do a STP finalisation after my final Nov pay run in Reckon and then opt in to Xero STP from 1 December and in opening balances tab in STP settings select ytd values were reported via STP?

STP? BotBooks is all over that.

Timing billing in a professional environment- I am looking at moving a professional service that bills staff time out to client from excel to an automated system. Keeping in mind that the care factor can be low for some I want something easy to use that can be on mobile and desktop and feeds into Xero. I would love your advice on the best system for 40+ staff.

Care factor LOW? 40+ staff? Still using Xero for payroll? BotBooks might offer a better alternative.

BotBooks knows the answers. But if by chance there’s something we don’t know, we do know where to find the right answer. And it’s not on Facebook.

Here’s some positive outcomes.

Just chatting to a fellow who has his own business and got talking about bookkeeping (as you do) and he says he couldn’t live without his bookkeeper. His previous bookkeeper caused him a lot of grief with incorrect data entry etc resulting in unexpected tax bills.  He now understands how valuable a good bookkeeper is and says she’s worth every penny he pays her! So lovely to hear that there are lots of business owners out there who value what we do.


I have a client that needs to change their BAS from annual to quarterly (as they are now over threshold). ATO advises that client would pay a fine if we did this as we needed to advise before 28 October but that it would be ok to stay annual.


Now that I work with BotBooks, it doesn’t matter if my bookkeeper is on leave when payday comes around.


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