There’s no doubt the rules keep changing and finding ways to keep on top of them is becoming a massive distraction. New processes and new employee contracts are just two impacts.

ClearThinkn@Accross are all over it and will make it easy to pick up on the latest round of changes. Where specific legal advice becomes necessary, our approved legal partners will help us deliver your tailored solution.

This link to the FairWork Commission goes into the detail and here’s a summary of the ruling:

  • Current rules in some awards allow annualised salaries to cover some allowances and penalties.
  • New rules clarify some of the issues.
  • Better off overall test still applies.
  • Employees must now record start and finishing times and sign off on those hours each pay period (physically or electronically).

There’s some detail which needs to be nuanced for each individual workplace and particular award (there are three applicable draft clauses and multiple awards impacted).

Yes, payroll is a pain. But it is a simple fix to have you ready by 1 March. We are only a phone call away. Telephone, 1300268257.

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