It is effective from first payday after 1 March 2020, but not many seem to have noticed. You can check which awards are impacted here.

The good news is that there are some simple solutions to what is for many a complex new problem.

Here’s the crux of the changes which apply to salaried employees (including owner/ directors):

  •  very specific requirements to the way included items are worded,
  •  employee verified time records for shift start and finish,
  •  employee verified time record for start and finish of UNPAID BREAKS.
  •  outer limits to overtime, penalties and allowances included in regular pays,
  •  annual reconciliations and adjustments to ensure an employee is not disadvantaged.

The changes, as usual, have some very reasonable basis, but as usual, there’s little thought from the system as to the real world impact of the requirement. And no, small business representative groups were blindsided. They not asked about the real world impact of the changes and now working feverishly for some sanity to prevail. So watch this space.

But in the meantime, payroll pain has increased.

The good news is that there are some simple solutions which will ease the pain. Automated Workforce Management Systems will help.

Here’s 4 steps to getting the best out of another nightmare.

  1. Understand whether you and your employees are covered by the award changes
  2. Understand the thrust of the changes,
  3. Test your existing arrangements,
  4. Implement the changes.

Wow, that’s complex, time consuming and costly.

Here’s some good more good news.

Accross Business can sort it and you can get on with earning your income.

Kieran May and his team help business owners and managers take the complex and make it simple so they can add more real value to their customers.