eInvoicing at Accross Business

Scaremongers are everywhere, fake news pervades our space. And the stories you’ve heard about e-Invoicing are probably either not true, or misguided.

Accross Business is in the business of helping you understand the reality.

Let’s start with the biggest myth.

eInvoicing IS NOT controlled by the Tax Office!

It is a fact that the ATO has had a hand in the process, however they no more have access to the data than do the software developers or the solution providers (intermediaries) who provide the services. So, the stories you’ve heard about e-Invoicing are just not true.

The process is complex, but in simple terms it works much the same way as the bank payments system which we use everyday to transfer money from my bank account to yours.

Your supplier creates an e-Invoice in their accounting system (Xero, MYOB, QBO etc) and a chosen intermediary securely places that same data into your customer’s system ready for you to review and record. If you don’t accept the transaction, you delete it.

When the system is fully operational (our BotBooks service gets you up and running), there are no emails, no PDF for scammers to intercept. No more fraudulent, untraceable payments.

Check out this quick video for an overview.

Our job at Accross Business is to not only provide you with the information, but to help you get into the game.

One less thing to worry about.