PayHR advanced payroll, workforce management and employee assist


Running a business is hard enough.

And then you need to not only employ and pay your workforce correctly and on time, but you have to keep them happy.

And you have to keep the government regulators happy as well. There are tax obligations, you have to pay employees superannuation contributions, you need to consider workers compensation and perhaps even payroll tax.

Any wonder the average small business owner struggles to juggle customers, employees and the tax office and keep them happy all the time.

Something often gives. And it is more likely to be anything other than the income generating customer.

In many cases what is seen as the easy solution, is far from it. And because the owner is not an expert in payroll, there is a tendency to offload the workforce management and payroll function to anybody who is available. Often the office junior. In reality is that accompanied by any thought of formal training. After all, “the software makes it easy”.

Until there is a problem. And then the costs immediately escalate.

The team at PayHR@Accross has the tools, the knowledge and experience to make sure this won’t happen to you.

PayHR has a plan to suit you so that your workforce management system will not only solve many of the problems faced by small business owners but will save you money overall.

When cash flow is tight, lowering your overall costs makes good sense.

The big bonus is that you have peace of mind knowing that your employees are properly looked after and that all your compliance obligations are met.

You’ll have more time to do the things that make you happy.

If you want some more information (and we think you do) you know where to find us.