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As we come out of Covid lockdowns and restrictions, the realisation will hit that the world has changed. And so have many of our customers.

Our comfort zone has moved.

The job ahead of us is to rebuild. It’s almost like starting again. Making wise decisions about where we save money and where we create efficiencies is critical. How we manage almost every part of our business is equally important.

The alternative is to risk our future.

BotBooks at Accross is just one example from our repertoire that takes the power of the cloud, and the automation it brings, to your doorstep.

When you take full advantage of that power, your business runs leaner and you have more time to devote your customers, and more time to enjoy the things you love.

Of course the echoes are ringing loudly with the words “we are already in the cloud, we already use automation”. And that is no doubt true in many instances, but only to a point.

Please allow us to explain.

When it comes to cloud technology experience tells us that much of the advantage that this technology brings is not being used effectively, and where it is, the efficiencies that offers are being wasted.

That can be seen in businesses where the staff headcount has not changed, despite the technology reducing the need for manual processing time. Employees are finding ways to fill their days with “non-essential” work. This can also be seen in businesses where employees are so busy in their jobs they have little time, and sadly in many circumstances, to research and recommend solutions which will effectively make some of their work redundant.

The upshot is for many businesses there are opportunities and efficiencies to be had.

Botbooks@accross is ideally placed to help you assess your needs. We can identify the right solutions. We will help you translate all the efficiencies into business and lifestyle improvements.



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