A brave business owner


As a keen observer of politics, and more recently the politics of sustainability, Kieran May (principal at Accross | Sustainable Ethical Services and founder of Sustainable Ethical Australia) has seen the conversation develop in diverse directions, often involving people with a very narrow focus.

The net result is a divided community between those who strongly believe in climate change, and those who for whatever reason question their thinking. Social issues are also at play.

Ultimately, it is customers who will be the primary influence on almost every aspect of business life. As a result, it will be a brave business owner who ignores that reality – regardless of their personal views.

The business sector is at a crossroads. Large corporates with deep pockets clearly have the resources to respond. Sustainability and ESG programs are now mainstream. Micro and Small to Medium Enterprises (M-SMEs) are largely left behind due to the high cost and complexity (perceived or otherwise) of adopting these programs.

Kieran May, sought to better understand the issues at play and completed a certificate course in Circular Economy and Sustainability Strategies with the University of Cambridge, Judge Business School.

The primary learning reinforced the understanding that sustainability is about People, Profit and Planet. And not necessarily in that order.

Accross | Sustainable Ethical Services recognises the reality of community concerns and legislative requirements which will increasingly impact on M-SMEs. Equally, where the time required and cost of meeting these challenges is detrimental to the overall health of the business, resistance becomes the norm.

Accross | Sustainable Ethical Services, in partnership with Sustainable Ethical Australia, is focused on M-SMEs. Accross will help business owners to develop a simple sustainability strategy and will provide support and tools to make sustainability: –

  • understandable,
  • affordable and ultimately profitable,
  • relevant to the business,
  • acceptable to all stakeholders, including customers, employees, and business owners.

You know where to find us.