Payroll for busy people

People and technology working together to make your life easier.

Our values will reflect your values. We will be honest, open and welcoming of diverse views. We will keep our customers at the core of everything we do. We will measure our success only by the success of those we serve.

  • Lead, not follow: the easy road rarely leads to a better future

  • Collaborate: specialist skills enhance great knowledge

  • Act with integrity: our community sets our standards

  • Be accountable: commitment requires commitment

  • Have passion: we do what we love so others can do likewise

  • Deliver diversity: thinking, listening, delivering – all communities

  • Strive for quality: high expectations meet exceptional action

We want to combine our collective experience and our knowledge of the latest changes in business practice to the advantage of even the smallest businesses. We want you to grasp your opportunites to build your success.

  • Experience: to tap into the collective business experience

  • Knowledge: to dig deeper than the obvious

  • Understanding: to build on what’s gone before

  • Relevance: to know what really matters today

  • Horizon: to have an eye on the future

  • Value: to seek opportunities which add value

  • Our success: to be measured by our clients success

Our vision is to play a small part in changing the way the community views business advice. Professional Certified Bookkeepers and others with wider business experience will be the advisors of choice for all types of small and micro business owners who share our belief that theory is valuable, but nothing is better than the real lessons of business ownership.

  • People: inspired people delivering results worthy of clients’ trust

  • Technology: a tool to enhance our work and your lives

  • Partners: a network for enduring shared benefit

  • Society: a responsible corporate citizen supporting communities

  • Profit: sustainable and leveraged from our clients’ success

  • Productivity: to be lean, agile and mindful of consequences

We are Accross Business

We have an unyielding desire to help people and we want more small and micro businesses to be more successful. We won’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, we will work hard with you across every aspect of your business to make sure the power behind the wheel is the best it can be. So you do what you do best. Just do the things you love.

Some Key People

This month, we feature the compliance team who are ready to help you with your challenges in ways you might only have imagined a few short years ago.

Kieran May FICB
Kieran May FICBStrategic Business Adviser, Professional Certified Bookkeeper, BAS agent 26135003
Brings extensive experience as business owner and corporate manager to the small business sector.
Kylie McKay MICB
Kylie McKay MICBStrategic Business Manager, Professional Certified Bookkeeper
Comes from a family business and brings high level skills and process management.
Lorena Francazzi
Lorena FrancazziProfessional Senior Bookkeeper, almost Virtual Assistant
Experienced in hospitality and business. Brings a customer service focus to bookkeeping and accounting.

The right level of help is all too often out of reach. We want to change that by delivering what’s needed at the right time to make a real difference.

Kieran May

Our Key Software Providers

We don’t intend to reinvent the wheel. We have chosen to work with partners and specialists who will help us change what drives it. Here are a few. And yes, we are vendor agnostic. We like the best solution for you.

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