When you look past the obvious, you will find a way beyond.

And to help you, we’ve introduced the Business Discovery tool.

Shoot for the horizon and get there.

Understand what drives you and what holds you back. Identify your most pressing challenges and determine how to overcome them. Discover how to bring accountabilty to your team.

Business Discovery is the perfect platform to analyse your business with some structure and to quickly and expertly assess your immediate, mid and longer term needs.

Together, we will:

  • Review your key drivers.
  • Consider your financial goals.
  • Assess where you are.

You will be able to then:

  • Determine what you absolutely must do today to get what you want from your business.
  • Map out the steps you can implement as you grow.
  • Hold yourself and your team accountable for making it all happen.
  • Drive your success from a solid foundation and add new elements from a position of strength.
  • Work towards having a business that can stand on it’s own.
  • Create a saleable asset of real value to a potential buyer.

Business Discovery isn’t an instant fix, but it will make a difference.

So when it’s time to move on, you know you have a business that has the value you deserve.

Too much tax

“I got the price I asked for when I sold my business, but paid far too much tax. I ended up with less than I should have.”

Price too low

“I sold my business for less than I wanted. As it happened, I wasn’t sale ready. I only had two interested buyers.”

Husband died

“My husband had a heart attack and died suddenly. The kids and I were left with nothing when we had to sell the business.”

Buyers lining up

“Early planning meant I sold my business for more than I thought I could. The buyers were lining up.”