Girt by SEA

Sustainable Ethical Australia

supporting Australian businesses and communities, to support Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Ethical:
a Reality

Our challenge is to bring business and community together.

There are forces which seem incompatible with that goal. While we cannot ignore the reality, we will focus on the things which bring us togther and work to improve on the things which divide our thinking.

We will work within the wider meaning of sustainability in areas including:

  • Sustainable, caring and inclusive communities
  • Sustainable, ethical and profitable business
  • Sustainable, healthy and happy workers

what it means

We support local and Australian. For very many reasons.

Equally, we recognise buying Australian is not always possible.

We are Girt by SEA. Our near neighbours deserve support. Closer neighbours result in shorter distances in the supply chain. And those who in turn support Australia are better trading partners for the long term.

Our Vision

A sustainable future where caring and successful businesses provide employment opportunities without discrimination, and support for those who need help from the wider community.

What drives us

Our future is driven by people and their needs.

People are best served by supportive communities, which themselves co exist with caring, profitable and socially aware businesses.

Membership & Support

Memberships will shortly be available to all like minded businesses and individuals.

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Your Board

Rodney Stanton Director
Kieran May Director
Buddy Sahyoun Director

Founding Members

Help Now Group Rodney Stanton
Accross Business Kieran May